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Upscale Luxury Homes:

Schiano Development is a luxury custom home builder and architectural designer that specializes in the highest level of construction, design, and craftsmanship in the industry, creating timeless and classic homes with unparalleled curb appeal and intricate interiors to create unmatched beauty.

Owner and Founder, Johnny Schiano serves as both builder and architectural designer behind these distinctive homes. He comes from a unique in-depth background in construction and art to create some of the most attractive homes in the industry.

Each house is meticulously designed to achieve the client’s ideal style and way of living while paying meticulous attention to every detail from exterior to interior, baseboard, and crown, colors, and finishes, to furniture placement. 

Our homes are created and modeled in both 2D and 3D which gives our clients a preview and sense of exploration as the home becomes a reality.

Schiano Development takes exceptional pride in every house they design and build. 

Our homes are not just houses but creations that start with a vision with in-depth planning and collaboration to create true artwork that stands the test of time.


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2023 Move-In Ready Homes


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