Architectural Design & Interior Design

Schiano Development specializes in luxury architectural design and interior design that has striking curb appeal and beauty on all styles of design. Johnny Schiano is the architectural designer behind all projects. He comes from a background of art and fashion along with being hands on in construction. Johnny grew on homes in the most exclusive zip codes in the country and learned what best practice and procedures are in building along with creative direction in fashion allowing him to create homes with unsurpassable beauty and stunning aesthethics. The client has the following options for architectural design:

  1. Utilize an existing home plan
  2. Take an existing house plan and make modifications
  3. Start from scratch.

Architectural Design Services at Schiano Development:

  1. Floor plan and exterior design
  2. Millwork and closet design
  3. Exterior and interior renderings
  4. Property Test Fits
  5. Infrastructure schematics

Process for Design

  1. Overview
    At this preliminary stage of design, the client is asked general questions such as what type of home they are looking for, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, optional rooms, outdoor living, budget etc.

  2. Vision
    When designing a luxury custom home, the vision is an integral part of the design. The client will upload pictures to the project management software showing what style they like, details, interior details, elevations etc.

  3. Floor Plan Schematic
    Schiano Development will then draw a floor plan schematic showing the main architectural details such as window sizes, door sizes, ceiling height, and general furniture layout. The floor plan will also be drawn on the lot to show how the house fits on the lot with the setbacks of the property.


  4. Conceptual Design
    After approval of the floor plan schematic, Schiano Development will then develop the exterior elevations and present it in 2d and 3d. The software they use allows the client to see the house from all all angles along with utilizing manufacturer selections such as Benjamin Moore, Certainteed etc, therefore given the client a feel for how the house will look in reality.



  5. Budget
    At this stage, Schiano Development develops the budget based on the conceptual design, specifications and allowances. They present the proposal to the client for review. After the acceptance of the proposal, Schiano Development proceeds into construction documents to finalize for construction.

  6. Interior Design

    • Phase 1, Consultation. You will work with Schiano Development's in-house interior design team. Schiano Development is committed to making your spaces look and feel amazing.
    • Phase 2, Conceptualization Design. Schiano Development starts to conceptualize the design and brainstorm solutions based on all of the client information that was shared.
    • Phase 3, Design Development. Schiano Development creates interior design boards that will be presented to the client for their review/approval. We help you select finishes that you absolutely love and are on-budget. We will then blend your selections with the correct architectural details and designs so your look is fluid, seamless and beautiful.
    • Phase 4, Approved selections are ordered during the first month of building.designBoards1designBoards2
  7. Final Construction Documents
    Schiano Development’s construction documents are essentially a manual how to build a house. The plans cover all details from plot plan to millwork finishes, closet design, furniture layout etc. The average construction document package is approximately 50 pages. They also have exterior and interior renderings for the clients, builders and trade partners to get real life perspectives of the house.



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